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    1. In march 1998 the first belgian space flight was approved.
      But who should be on board? They had to choose between the two coequal friends Jim and Dave.
      When the national commission convened on april 7th they agreed in sending both spacemen on this flight.
      When the spaceshuttle rearrived on april 15th after four days in space no one suspected that the pilots were not the same as they were before the start.
      An incurable virus had affected them, later known as `robodust´.

      Robodust records doesn´t follow a specific direction in music, but convinces by it´s variety. The label opens space for any kind of music without any borders – open minded for everything, but always selected subjectivly.
      Freaky stuff, dancefloorburner and musical epics find their place, analog synthesizer sounds combined with modern beats – you go your own way...

    2. Mumm´s (alias "Das Muster") self-contained musical character is a perfect symbiosis: He knows how to program finest analog sounds and play the right music with it.
      Reduced to the main elements, it´s a real pleasure to listen to his tracks. The three tracks first released on robodust rock: "effects" burns the dancefloor, "cellphone" rocks the nation and "spider" is pure darkbeat.
      Keep it up :) We want more!

      also look on the Beatport & Soundcloud links on the top

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